Best Mosquito and Tick Control Services | New Rochelle, NY

Based in New Rochelle, NY, Mosquito Corp. provides mosquito and tick control services for residential and commercial properties. We can successfully manage and reduce the population of mosquitoes and ticks in outdoor areas, such as residential yards, parks, recreational areas, and commercial properties. We can minimize the nuisance caused by mosquitoes and ticks, as well as to reduce the risk of diseases transmitted by these pests.

Overview of  our mosquito and tick control services in New Rochelle, NY

  1. Assessment: We assess the property to identify potential breeding grounds and areas where mosquitoes and ticks are most active.
  2. Treatment: We employ various methods to control mosquito and tick populations. These include:
    • Application of insecticides: We use insecticides in the form of sprays, fogging, or misting treatments to kill adult mosquitoes and ticks.
    • Larvicide application: Larvicides are used to target mosquito larvae in standing water, preventing them from developing into adult mosquitoes.
    • Barrier treatments: Barrier treatments involve applying insecticides to vegetation and other surfaces where mosquitoes and ticks rest, effectively reducing their populations in treated areas.
    • Natural or organic treatments: We offer natural or organic alternatives to chemical insecticides for those who prefer environmentally friendly options.
  3. Preventive measures: In addition to treatment, mosquito and tick control services may offer advice on preventive measures that property owners can take to minimize future infestations. This includes recommendations for eliminating standing water, trimming vegetation, and using personal protective measures like repellents.
  4. Regular maintenance: Mosquito and tick control often require ongoing maintenance to sustain effectiveness. We offer recurring treatments or maintenance plans to keep mosquito and tick populations under control throughout the mosquito and tick season.
  5. Monitoring: Some services include monitoring the effectiveness of treatments through surveillance methods like trapping and population monitoring.

Mosquito Corp of New Rochelle, NY, creates outdoor environments that are safer and more enjoyable for people by reducing the nuisance and health risks associated with these pests. These services are particularly important in Westchester County, where mosquitoes and ticks are vectors for diseases such as West Nile virus, Lyme disease, and Zika virus.

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