Westchester's Trusted Mosquito & Tick Control Service

Mosquito Control

Mosquito Corp offers Mosquito and Tick defense services to residential and commercial customers. Our trained technicians are dedicated to getting rid of mosquitoes so you can Take Back Your Yard and enjoy spending time outdoors with your friends and family. Using the latest in Mosquito and Tick Control Technology, Mosquito Corp’s mission is to get the job done safe and successfully.

Tick Control

When it comes to tick control in your yard and what it requires, a Mosquito Corp expert will evaluate it and give you a free quote, knowing exactly what it will take to rid your yard of ticks. To guarantee the safety of your family, we highly recommend season-long barrier treatment, which usually occurs every 21 days. In addition to barrier treatment, we also provide tick tubes to help reduce your yard tick population. Besides deer, mice are common carriers of deer ticks. Tick tubes contain treated cotton that mice will uses when making their nest. This treated cotton will kill the ticks.

Residential Mosquito Control Services

When you contact Mosquito Corp for residential mosquito and tick control, an expert technician evaluates your yard for areas that will cause mosquitoes to breed. Reducing standing water helps eliminate mosquito threats, including those in children’s sandboxes, wagons,toys, around downspouts, in plant saucers and on tarps. Our Mosquito Corp technician will then targets shrubs and plants with an organic barrier spray that kills mosquitoes and ticks on contact and then acts as a repellent for up to 21 days. Your yard will be ready for family and pets use after 30 minutes after the application.

Commercial & Municipal Mosquito Control Services

Mosquito Corp provides all commercial and municipal mosquito and tick defense services. We offer commercial mosquito control services in New York, so that we can keep your business pest free. The same mosquitoes and ticks that live in your yards are also in parks, play grounds, and athletic fields. Ticks and mosquitoes carry diseases that put the public at risk. Mosquito Corp knows what it takes to protect the public and your business.

Special Outdoor Event

Whatever your outdoor event is, Mosquito Corp will make it Mosquito and Tick free. Whether its a family party, barbecue, wedding, or any other outdoor event, Mosquito Corp will be there to ensure it is not remembered for the bites from mosquitoes and ticks. We will make sure there aren’t any uninvited guest to ruin your party. Call Mosquito Corp Today to make your special event, Mosquito and Tick free.

Year Round Treatment

When you want maximum protection, ask us about Mosquito Corp’s MAX SHIELD™, a season-long outdoor mosquito control. This means that every 21 days, a Mosquito Corp expert will come to your home and re-apply your barrier treatment. This automated process means that you don’t have to be home, and we will send you an email to remind of you of your scheduled appointment.